Merchandising Solutions

Capitol Cups provides support, starting with graphic development and custom packaging through on-site merchandising. We can fully customize your cups’ labels, add cards to showcase special offers and messages, and then create the ideal display to maximize the impact of your promotion.

If you’d like more information on merchandising or have any questions about our processes, please feel free to contact us to let us help you design your marketing strategy, communication touch-points and POP displays.

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Labeling Capabilities

In addition to creating stunning full wrap visuals on our cups, we can include UPC codes within the graphic design. Or, if desired, we can add a secondary label on the cups to carry the UPC code or additional information. Both options aid with product identification, security labeling, and tracking and fulfillment of the cups.

Packaging, Display & Merchandising

All of our products can be packaged and/or displayed in many ways to best showcase the cups and suit your specific marketing needs. Utilizing our expertise, and working hand-in- hand with our clients, we will develop a merchandising solution that creates the biggest impact for your image and ensures a successful brand-building program.

Red Extra Mile

Point-of-Purchase Designs

From corrugated to acrylic, countertop to freestanding, we work with our supplier partners to create the ideal merchandising showcase for your Capitol Cups marketing campaign. Following are just a few examples of the options available:

EasyTraveler Tray Spring Collection Cup_8-24-16