Easy Traveler

Refillable. Reusable. Renewable. Remarkable!


Pour. Snap. GO! Meet the Easy Traveler Cup

It’s An All Day Cup

The Easy Traveler is the secure, spill-resistant cup for people on the go. From morning coffee, all through the work day and back home, the Easy Traveler holds the temp for hot or cold drinks and is oh so good- looking. A cup to be proud of!

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Great Gift Idea

Easy Traveler makes a perfect gift all by itself. But add a gift card, munchies, movie tickets, socks– who knows what, it makes a personalized gift for any occasion. Watch your favorite retailer for Easy Traveler displays that feature beautiful seasonal and anytime designs. Warning: Collecting designs can become addictive!

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“I simply have never purchased a cup I have liked as much. I love the fact that it is truly leak-proof…the coffee goes in my mouth and not on my shirt!”


“You have made my entire day! Thank you all for making such a stellar product. It sounds silly to be so excited about it, but coffee has been all that’s kept me afloat with a new baby and studying for my degree. So I thank you guys an awful lot.”


"I am an individual who really loves your Easy Traveler mug and have not used another mug to drink my coffee out of for the last one and a half years. Where can I buy these cups?"


Features & Benefits

Insulated cups produced with a single molding process

No seams mean no cracking and no mess between layers.

Bright, colorful, fade-proof designs

Our graphics are unsurpassed. In-mold design technology means no fading for years of bright, colorful service through many dishwashing cycles.

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Up to two minutes in the microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe!

Eliminates condensation on cup

No rings on your nice wood furniture.

Patented hot and cold beverage technology

Our exclusive thermal technology means Easy Traveler’s temperature maintenance for hot or cold beverages ranks at or above that of virtually all cups at this price point, and equal to or better than many popular premium priced cups.

Domed lid for fill-full capacity

The end of filling your cup, attaching the lid and having beverage, especially HOT beverages spew all over you. With the Easy Traveler’s domed lid, you can fill ‘er up!

Made in the USA

Think American made. Think Capitol Cups.


…And Phthalates-Free and no environmentally hazardous polyfoam insulation.

Premium cups at great prices

Our cups test as good or better than cups in hot or cold retention as cups sold at much higher prices.


Made from Polypropylene with a recyclable resin code (5).

Functional Travel Design

Streamlined to fit most cup holders as well as all hands!

ClickSnap™ Seal system for superior spill resistance

The Easy Traveler ™ is amazing in its “beverage retention”! When it clicks then snaps, it’s sealed. No more dribbles down the front of a crisp, white shirt on the way to work.

Care & Cleaning

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe

Easy Traveler is one of few insulated plastic cups on the market that is microwave safe for up to 2 full minutes. Easy Traveler is easy clean. Just pop it in the top-rack of your dishwasher for safe, easy cleaning.

Great Designs

The wide selection of Easy Traveler’s bright, colorful designs appeals to just about everybody! And, there are always new designs coming down the line so you can collect them all. When you have a design you like, you’ll have it for a LONG time. That’s because we have a patented process that molds those bright colors right into the cup, n,ot just printed on the outside. You’re good for years of “Pour. Snap. GO!”

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