Manufacturing in the United States has been steadily declining since the 1990’s. Products labeled as “Made in the USA” seem to be received better by consumers and according to research, some are willing to spend a little more money on them. Why is that? Products that are manufactured in the United States are generally under a greater microscope than those of international countries. There are greater standards and requirements that need to be met in order to make products in the US.

Why buy US products?

A Better Economy – Buying products from manufacturers in the US, means those companies are employing Americans. If those American employees then use their income to purchase other US goods, the tax money from that sale stays within the borders and the revenue going to the selling company, allows them to grow and hire more employees. More jobs equals better economy. This is the same reason why city and state governments will run tax-free “buy local” campaigns to boost their local economies.

Cleanliness – American companies have some of the strictest emission laws in the world. The EPA regulates the amount of carbon a manufacturer can let out into the atmosphere. This means the air is cleaner and is less likely to negatively effect the environment.

Worker Health – US companies are required to follow strict employee rights laws. Unlike other countries who manufacture products, America has a limit on how many consecutive hours employees can work and they also regulate the conditions in which they work. This leads to a healthier worker and better work environment. Healthier and happier workers lead to a more productive and prosperous nation.

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