Eco Info

Capitol Cups is very conscious of our environmental impact, and we are committed to being as responsible as possible. Beyond the obvious – that our patented reusable cups promote less disposable cup waste-there are several other ways that we are minimizing our impact on the planet.

  • Our patented In-Mold Labeling produces about 40% less waste than conventional paper labels or decals
  • Digital printing technologies require less material for make-ready and set-up, reducing the amount of inks, films, liners and adhesives that would otherwise end up in a land fill. This reduction in waste is usually 20-30% less than conventional printing methods.
  • Our Vacuum Insulation Technology maintains beverage temperature, hot or cold, using air and NOT environmentally hazardous poly foams
  • Our entire product line is manufactured from polypropylene (PP) with a recyclable resin code (5) and is Bisphenol – A (BPA) and Phthalates FREE · Our cups are dishwasher safe, and the Easy TravelerTM is also microwave safe
  • Because our drinkware is refillable and reusable, it helps reduce individual waste stream
  • Capitol cups are manufactured in the USA, thereby reducing their transportation impact and overall cost
  • Capitol Cups has developed a new reusable POP display for our refillable cups; this display reduces the amount of corrugated waste delivered to landfills by our customers.

Capitol Cups believes that sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and Capitol will continue to search for innovations to reduce our environmental impact.

What You Can Do


You might think that one person cannot make much of a difference in helping the environment. But that just isn’t true. Every little bit of recycling; reusing and overall conservation helps reduce our greenhouse gases and reduces our impact on the environment.

After decades of inattention to our environment, the world has finally begun to focus on, well, the world. There are many, many books available addressing environmental concerns and offering numerous ways to help. And of course there are hundreds of web sites that address a range of eco issues. See our Favorites.

If it seems overwhelming, just start small, trying one or two steps at a time. The tips listed above, under Eye-Opening Eco Facts, are just a few of the simple things you can do each day. A good start is to find out what your carbon footprint (individual environmental impact) is. There are several web sites that have a carbon footprint calculator – check Get your carbon rating and then see where you can make improvements. Watch your carbon footprint get lighter and lighter.



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